Pottershop Hollow Tree Farm & Sawmill


Specializing in salvaged & sustainably harvested hardwoods from the Ozarks

Portable Sawmilling


The Norwood HD36 is a great portable sawmill.  It is light and maneuverable enough to get into tight places, while still able to handle good-sized logs.  I've milled logs in back yards, on driveways in the middle of town, and in the middle of pastures.  My charge for bringing the mill to you is $1.50 per mile (one way).  For jobs over 100 miles requiring an overnight stay, I charge lodging expenses.

‚ÄčThe mill is quieter than most lawn tractors, and I've never had a neighbor complain about the noise, and makes a neat pile of sawdust that is easily removed.  The thin kerf band saw blade makes less sawdust than most people think.  If you like, I can load the sawdust in a trailer or yard cart so you can use it for mulch.  The other "waste" product is the slabs (round part of the log).  I can cut these to firewood length, if you like, and they are easy to split.

It takes a fairly level area, about 30' by 30' to run the mill, and it is best to have the logs stacked up ahead of time.  This makes the best use of my time and saves you money.

The one thing most overlooked by customers is how they will dry the wood.  Pick out a place with good air circulation.  If you need stickers (3/4" square by 4' long pieces of wood) to put between the layers of boards, I can provide those, or cut them out of your logs.  If you like, I can bring the boards back to my location for kiln drying.

Give me a call to arrange an on-site evaluation.