Pottershop Hollow Tree Farm & Sawmill


Specializing in salvaged & sustainably harvested hardwoods from the Ozarks



I love running the sawmill!  The most economical way to get your logs milled is to bring them to me.  If you schedule the job, you can usually drop off your logs and take home the lumber, all in one trip.

My normal charge is $60/ hour, plus the expense ($30) for any blades ruined if I cut into metal or other foreign objects in your wood.  Charging by the hour works well for odd-sizes and shapes of logs.  This can come out to $.35 per board foot for good, straight logs, but crooked logs and specialty cuts may take longer and cost more per board foot..

Yes, you can often buy two-by-fours cheaper at a big lumber yard, but I don't even try to compete with those guys.  I produce lumber you can't buy in those places.  Almost every log contains unique wood, just waiting to come out.  Whether you want quality hardwoods for cabinets or flooring, quartersawn oak, flitch cuts with natural edges, or rough-cut trailer decking and barn siding that will last for decades, I can slice it up for you any way you want it.

What can I saw?  Just about anything you bring!  Of course I can cut normal logs from 8" diameter to 36" diameter, but I also mill oddball pieces like roots, short pieces, crotches, and curved logs.  A lot of my work involves "sentimental" trees that came out of a yard, for a customer who wants to pass it on to future generations as fine furniture.