Pottershop Hollow Tree Farm & Sawmill


Specializing in salvaged & sustainably harvested hardwoods from the Ozarks

Our Tree Farm


The Ozark hardwoods have an incredible diversity of species, including a number of oaks, (white, post, chinquepin, black, northern red, and blackjack), hickories (black, bitternut, mockernut, and shagbark), sycamore, sassafras, ash, cherry, black walnut, mulberry, dogwood, rebud, honey locust, persimmon, Osage orange, and elm.  The only softwood is eastern red cedar, though we are working to re-introduce shortleaf pine, which once thrived here, as well.


This diversity means that we have a wide variety of woods to meet the requirements of woodworkers and other craftsmen who either have specific needs, such as clear white oak for boat building, or woodworkers who simply want something unique.

Pottershop Hollow is a certified Tree Farm with a sustainable management plan that includes planting, thinning, forest stand improvement, and a harvest schedule that improves the health of the forest, and provides an income that ensures the continuation of the forest. As a trained forester (B.S. Forest Management), my duties include planning, forest inventory, planting, regeneratin, pruning, thinning, and managing harvests.

Our philosophy is to encourage good forestry practices everywhere.  To help, we host professional logging classes in which participants can learn safer, better ways of logging without damaging the residual stand.  Our efforts in resource management and educational programs earned us the title of the 2006 Missouri Tree Farm of the year.